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We recently came back from a trip to Vientiane, the capital of Laos. Becca had to do her monthly visa run from Thailand, so we decided to travel to Vientiane and explore the city over a long weekend. This is our first TRAVEL VLOG series that we hope to do and get better and show off our adventures in a creative way! Unfortunately, we had a gimbal, but it broke just before the trip (cheap Chinese fake product!!! We always short-change ourselves when it comes to cheap tech). So, no smooth shots nor is our audio great as we were relying on our GoPro. Yes, we know we're not selling this video at all, but we rather be honest and critical of our own creation than to say this is THE BEST VLOG EVER to anyone. Still if you are interested in seeing the first part of our time in Vientiane, please have a look for yourself!

Highlights of the video:

Upon arriving at Wattay International Airport in Vientiane, we pre-organised an airport pick-up to our hotel for $10, however we did research before and found out you can get a taxi for $6-7. So why didn't we cancel and go for the cheaper option? We decided to pay extra for the convenience and to be honest, we couldn't say the hotel's name confidently (palm to the face emoji), but that's the fun on it, right? Maybe we should have as $3-4 saving can ended up being one person's meal or even two big beers! So, remember you can save money in this area with proper research.

We stayed at the Xaysomboun Boutique hotel near the city centre and very close to the 'That Dam' stupa, which you can see in the video (from our taxi ride). The hotel ranks at a 3 star, but we felt we received a 4 star service, we were very happy with the price we paid (£28 a night) and we felt it was value for our money - good room condition and amenities, swimming pool, gym and cooked breakfast buffet in the morning. They did have a spa, but we did not use it as we can easily get this around the corner from where we live in Bangkok.

After showing off our hotel room and facilities, we went off to 'Vegetarian in the Golden Age' restaurant, which was just around the corner from the hotel. Becca found out about this place as we waited for our phones to charge as we checked in. It was a great find! 30,000 kip ($3) per person for an all-you-can-eat buffet vegetarian style (with orange juice or water). Such a great deal and although the food was cold since we ate at 15:00, the flavors were full and rich as you can see when Sam tests and taste the food. We also learnt from our first payment that most places do not take U.S. dollars contrary to what we were told before arriving from friends and family. We had to pay in Thai Baht (since that was another payment they take - being so close to the Thai border) for the first meal, but soon realized we had to exchange our U.S. dollars for Laotian Kip.

See you in the next TRAVEL VLOG!

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