Hello Steemian friends,

We hope everyone has a fantastic week and yes, it has arrived.....it's FRIDAYYYYY!!!!

We are looking forward to this weekend as tomorrow, 3rd of March is....Becca's birthday! She will be turning 26 and is looking forward to a meal with Sam and his family as she introduces them to some vegan food. We'll tell you all about it in our Tasty Tuesday next week.

Our Featured on Friday's this week, is actually a throwback to last year. We had a reminder on Facebook this week that Sam's sister took us to a place called 'Flow House' in Bangkok for a late Valentine's treat (somehow she thought she needed to give us one of these). Flow House is a place where one can go and enjoy a spot of surfing without going to the beach. It's a wave machine (two, actually) that creates artificial waves in order to practice your surfing or body boarding skills. Or like us, as beginners, try it out!

As you can see from the pictures below, we had a good hour of falling on our sides and asses. It was scary at first, but we got use to the feeling. If anything, by the end, the feeling of being pushed by water right to the top of the platform was enjoyable. We can say the 700 baht ($22.25) per person per hour (this is the price before 17:00) was spent more for our enjoyment rather than any surfing skills building. Yes, we managed to get from body boarding to knee boarding, but just couldn't get to surfing without an assistance of a rope.

Photos of our time at Flow House, Bangkok

Here's a video of Sam going from body boarding to knee boarding

The staff were great there and very encouraging to get you into the sport. There is a bar, where they serve food and drinks. We got a beer each to enjoy afterwards. There is also (conveniently) an O'Neill's shop next door. Just for those newly converted surfers to get their gear for the next time. Is the hour worth it for the money you pay? Well, you are paying for a technical lesson by a qualified instructor and with the maintenance of the whole place, so you can see why it is priced like that. It is worth it for a try and then it's up to you after that. If you are a tourist, there are many other things you can do in Bangkok before visiting Flow House. This activity is one if you are stumped for ideas, it's a hot day and the hotel pool just won't do it for you!

Stay Classy Steemians!

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