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It's another Throwback Thursday from @travelling-two.

Last week we concluded our recent trip to Hong Kong and so we're moving onto our next throwback trip, which was the trip prior to Hong Kong. We will be taking you to the heart (also known as the horn) of Africa - to Ethiopia.

Putting these next few Throwback Thursday's into context

This post has been a long time coming and we debated about getting one of our most recent memory out onto Steemit! We came back from Ethiopia on the 6th of January and joined Steemit on the 8th. However, it is best not to rush things and we wanted to build a following first before releasing our better content (not saying that the content we have released isn't good as it is...but you know what we mean).

Yet, this trip all started back in August when Becca decided she wanted to spend Christmas with her father in Ethiopia (where he is based for work) and she had asked Sam if he wanted to join her. Now, Sam has already been to Addis Ababa...airport and he considers that as 'visiting the country', so he said 'he didn't want to go back to a country he had already been to...'. This clearly annoyed Becca, but after a month or so of talking it out and waiting for her father's confirmation that he will be spending Christmas in Ethiopia, we booked our tickets to be there for roughly two weeks. Becca was super excited to see her dad again after a year or so as well as her siblings (sister, half brother and half sister).

What we had to prepare for was the long journey from Bangkok to the middle of the Bale Mountains National Park where her dad is based. This trip would take us 22 hours in total from door to door:

  • Leave the house and it takes an hour to the airport
  • 3 hours before the flight - check-in, duty free, late dinner and wait at Gate.
  • 7.5 hour flight to Addis with Ethiopian Airlines - no entertainment as no ones screens were working!
  • 1 hour in the airport getting on-arrival visas ($50 a month visa), baggage claim, baggage checks and met up with Becca's dad's long-term partner.
  • 3 hours roaming around Addis - breakfast at the Hilton, three separate supermarket shopping trips as certain stores have certain items at certain prices and to finally get out of Addis busy streets.
  • 2.5 hours into the drive - we stopped for lunch
  • 4 hours later we find ourselves in the mist of a beautiful and diverse national park - Bale Mountains National Park

To make sure our calculations are right: 1 + 3 + 7.5 + 1 + 3 + 2.5 + 4 = 22

But let's back it up (rewind)

There is no or little forms of modern life out in the Bush of Africa, but there are absolutely stunning views and a re-connection with nature and life itself. The Bush will make or break you, there's no other way. Throw your phone out the window because there's hardly any cell reception, so you can forget asking about WiFi (let us pause to laugh). Although, it might not be Kenya, the phrase 'Hakuna Matata' can be used in these parts of Africa. The chilled and laid-back attitude to life means things take a while to happen and are much slower, but maybe that's our city/first-world minds thinking and we somehow got lost and out of touch with reality. We can tell you full heartily that our two weeks in Ethiopia brought life into perception again and we were very happy and excited to be there. We hope to show that through our next few Throwback Thursday's blog posts.

Stay tuned as we will be talking about our Ethiopian adventures over the course of the next few Throwback Thursday's! Here's a couple of preview photos:

More to come next week!

Stay Classy Steemians!

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