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Monkey found up to monkey business

Back To Basics

Last week, we gave you some context to our time in Ethiopia. We went to Ethiopia over the Christmas/New Year period as Becca's dad works for a conservation NGO based out in Bale Mountains. He had invited us to spend Christmas with him. Yet, this wasn't your ordinary holiday, it was a life experience as our digital minds went into rehab. We found ourselves seven hours away from Addis Ababa in the remote parts of Ethiopia in the Bale Mountains National Park. We had very intermittent WiFi and cell reception, so we were 'back to basics'. Luckily, we brought entertainment in the forms of books (yes those, we dust them off the shelf) and portable travel games like a deck of cards, Uno and Cluedo (travel size). Yet, we are making it sound like it was sooooo boring that there was nothing to do, but read a book or play games. This was not the case at all. Hell, we were in the middle of a national park with plenty of nature to hear and see! We had a family of friendly daily visitors that would come to the house (the little wooden hut on the hill). Becca's dad would leave out any leftover vegetable peelings or scraps from our meals. This would attract the family of Pumbas (commonly known as Warthogs), yet the mother of the group was particularly curious and would test our patience, so much so that she would come up to the porch and even almost to the door. We can't blame her as she was pregnant and was desperate to find/be given food. A life of a hustler!

The Pumba Family on their daily routine in the morning

Around The House On The Hill

In the afternoons, after the blazing Ethiopian sun would start cooling down, we would often set off on a walk around the house and then meet Becca's dad at the office and park headquarters below. This walk would take us through Erica and Juniper forests and we would encounter Mountain Nyala, Reedbuck, Duiker, more Warthogs, Colobus Monkey and if we were lucky we would spot a Serval Cat or a Hyena. Walking amongst all these animals really made us feel like we were walking into their territory rather than they being in ours, which is how it should be and feel! We did keep our distance to observe them from afar as we do not know how they might react.

Ready to go for the walk?

The view from the hill, overlooking Becca's dad's house, hidden in between the trees

A male Mountain Nyala

The breathtaking view out across the Bale Mountain National Park from the house on the hill!

The Juniper woodlands on the walk down to the office buildings

The Mountain Nyala, Reedbuck and Warthogs chilling out under the shade of the Juniper trees, resting

These walks that we would do daily to call on Becca's dad to wrap up his work (even on Christmas Day) were a breath of fresh air and it was a very special feeling to be able to walk amongst these beautiful animals (from a distance).

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