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How's it? Hope all is good, and that you are looking forward to today's post! It's Wednesday which means Becca is writing today! Hello :) I was actually planning to write this post while sipping on a Gin and Tonic, but Sam gave me the stare as it would be my second glass this evening. I'm still thinking about serving myself one though haha

Anyway, I will carry on writing about my time spent in Madagascar! Last week I wrote about the seagrass surveys that ReefDoctor gets involved with and the research they carry out on a 3 monthly basis. Today I will write about a short day trip that some of the other volunteers and myself went on. It was basically a long walk, we walked from the ReefDoctor base camp in towards the land behind it. This was where the Spiny Forest and the Baobab Forest are.

Sunset over the Baobab and Spiny Forest in Madagascar

We left camp just after breakfast, and one of the permanent local staff came with us, he was our "tour guide" for the day. We walked along salt-marshes and soon arrived in the forests. Along the walk to the forests you could already start to see the gigantic baobab trees as well as the long branches of the spiky cactus looking trees. It was hot and dry, and the ground was still sandy from being close to the sea shore.

The Spiny Forest. We walked through this, the forest is true to its name- Spiny and spiky

Can you see the sea?! Camp was not far away

The Spiny Forest Trees, I think known as Madagascar Ocotillo, they grew very tall, and have thick water-storing stems

Found some Honey!

It's a Baobab! These trees have very thick trunks and grow very high up

One species of Baobab poking out from the forest

I'm sorry, who's growing first? A baobab amongst the shrubs and trees in the Spiny Forest

On route back to camp, walking back through the salt fields

We hope you have enjoyed reading and looking at this post! It was a good day out and quite interesting to learn about a new ecosystem in Southwest Madagascar!

Stay Classy Steemians!

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