I'm no expert about honey but every chance I get to choose, I would put it in all kinds of drinks. Tea, coffee, lemon and honey or this time, boba tea. Honey Pearl Fresh Milk in Malacca. Also, this is not the regular honey we have seen or known, it's something I actually didn't know about before, Stingless bees honey.

MELIPOLY, Malacca, Malaysia

Amazing place to learn, to try and to buy many types of honey including that special one..

When we're in Malacca, Malaysia, just right across the street from the place we stayed at, right at the beginning of Jonker Walk, SydneyBackpackers. There's this adorable modern looking boba tea shop / honey shop the hostel owner recommended we checked it out. He said, it's a special type of honey here..

To find out about what was it he really talked about, we went into the shop and straight into the back of the place as we had been suggested. MELIPOLY had the whole man-made bee hives and alive bees live in those. Oh! They're not just bees, they are stingless bees so no harm at all.

Honey Benefit

Honey is a natural sweetener and has its own benefits. That's why many people love it and sometimes use it instead of sugar. Personally, I think it tastes better as well.

Honey Contains Some Nutrients and it is rich in antioxidants. It's for sure less bad than sugar for diabetics. It lower blood pressure, triglycerides and helps improve cholesterol

Stingless honey bees

At MELIPOLY, there's a staff there to assist and tell you what you'd like know. The staff we had was kind and really helpful. She answered all the questions we had and let us try as many types of honey they have to offer.

Italian honey, Malaysian honey, Stingless bee honey.. Funny enough, I had no idea there could be many different types and all are pretty different from one another. You probably think all the honey in the world is sweet. Yes, I'd also thought the same thing until I gave this stingless bee honey a try. It is a little bit sour and I was like, 'Whattt?'.

** The other day in one of the Thai malls also, I tried the honey from the coffee flowers, the honey tasted like coffee! Again, 'Whattt??'

Stingless bees, sometimes called stingless honey bees or simply meliponines, are a large group of bees, comprising the tribe Meliponini.

We have been told that the stingless bees only choose the best quality of flower pollen so the honey we get from it ever purer and more quality than any others.

Honey products at MELIPOLY

As mentioned, MELIPOLY is also a honey shop itself so they sell all the varieties we were able to try when we were learning about them all. Not the cheapest honey you would find in the market but I'm sure it's clean and has been processed properly. The packaging also nice so it could really be a nice gift to bring back home for family and friends.

** Try Stingless bee honey where you are :)

Meli Café

Right at the entrance when first walk into the store, there's already a counter and drink making station welcome you. We experienced and learned about all different types of honey at the back of the house so for sure, the drink somehow has to related to that thick brownish liquid. They feature Honey Pearl Fresh Milk so we went for that one.

We were also lucky enough to be let in and watched the whole process them making the drink.

The boba or bubble pearls are soaked in the honey for hours. The fresh milk poured right on top of it. Splash of honey and mix it around. As easy as that.

I Think it's not too bad but it's not the best bubble tea I have ever had. I actually hoped for a little more sophisticated types of drink when I saw the word 'Honey Pearl Fresh Milk'. Well, the simplest, the best. This is refreshing and milky. If you love milk and enjoy the sweetness and the aroma of honey. You will totally like this cup.

Get a bag of tapioca pearls and make a cup yourself at home :)

MELIPOLY in Malacca, Malaysia is a unique cafe and honey shop specialised in honey. I love the fact that we could learn, try, drink, and shop all in one stop. The Stingless honey bees and the stingless bee honey is so new to me. The taste of it also so unique. Not often I come across this so I love it here! If you love honey and benefit of it, feel free to stop by the place if you're ever in Malacca, the world's heritage city in Malaysia.

Melipoly Honey (Jonker Street, Melaka) - Malaysia Organic Honey Producer

Address : 141, Jalan Hang Jebat, Melaka, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Tel : +60 10-351 2727
Official Site : melipoly.com

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