Welcome to the sixth day of our Iceland trip! For this post we'll be traveling to a place with some fun geothermal activity, a place called Hverir.

But first I want to share a few interesting photos on the way there.


This was the view outside a gas station we stopped at. (Goodness, gas is insanely expensive). A giant ship parked along the snowy bank of the river.


This gives you an idea of how windy it was while driving, there are these little white wisps of snow blowing over the road.


... And we're here! Already we can note that there are areas where the snow has melted. We're looking at a fairly large body of hot water, releasing plumes of steam into the cold air. This photo has a neat filter on it, chosen automatically by the smart phone.


Along the main hot lake, we can see many steam vents along the walking path. At the start of this path, the ice still held strong, and it was easy to get to the first couple of vents.


This is how quickly the steam spews out of the vents. Got some green life just chilling out in the sweet spot.


We played inside the smelly smoke. It smelled like that rotten egg sulphur smell. And we like that smell. We thought, "hey free spa treatment!" Though I don't know if that's a real thing, something about opening pores and such.


The steam here makes the setting look very eerie... Zombies... Nearby?


As you might imagine from the combination of snow, steam and dirt, the walking path became a gross pile of goo.

But what's interesting is that there's hidden color in the mud. It's not clear from here but the snow is covering up a rainbow of colors. Unappetizing, slimy colors though.

Watch as a zombie trudges through the rainbow mud.

Yum! Our boots got pretty disgusting as we arrived back at the car. We spent a bit of time kicking snow to try to wash out the gunk. It was quite persistent, so we gave up and took the rainbow goo along with us for the rest of the trip. Okay okay, it's not really rainbow, at this time it was all boring reddish brown.

All in all, a very interesting place to explore.

Here's a link to the beginning....

And the journey continues here...



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