See The World #10 - Roadtrip Part 7 (Racoș Volcano, The Emerald Lake, The Basalt Columns)

GabrielaTravels @gabrielatravelsMay 2019 · 2 min read

Continuing on the Transylvanian style of the many treasures you will discover on this side of Romania if you are a seeker for new places to visit and enjoy their beauty and everything they have to offer for the tourists, today I have the great pleasure to bring to you something different than anything presented so far.

And I know that every single place has its own beauty and uniqueness but what I mean is the things we've got to visit in just 20 mins because all the three wonders are located very close to each other and closely connected.

For those who haven't read my latest posts which are explaining in extenso the stories of these places, I will try to make a summary so you will understand better what you are going to see in the video, but I would still recommend you to check the posts out, as there is lots of information and pictures that will make you want to visit this place. :)

Racoș Volcano represents the last volcanic activities for Romania which was like 1 million years ago but which now is part of the Perșani Geopark which is a protected area that takes care of these treasures, The Emerald Lake was formed from the massive exploitation of the humans who were extracting basalt to build their houses and The Basalt Columns were formed by the presence of lava leaks following the Racoș Volcano eruption in the past.

The attractions presented in the video are on a different order than how they were posted on Steemit, so you are going to see as it follows:

  1. Vulcanul Racoș (Racoș Volcano)
  2. Coloanele de Bazalt (The Basalt Columns)
  3. Lacul de Smarald (The Emerald Lake)

Video recorded with: GoPro HERO 6
Part No. 7 of the 2018 Summer Roadtrip - posted on @dtube
All rights reserved to @gabrielatravels

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What a great video overview! All three areas in one video.

That's a gorgeous caldera, pretty classic blow out the sides and let the top drop back in action. Reminds me of Crater Lake, Oregon by the formation of it. Or Mt. St. Helens as it might be in a million years....

Thanks for a really beautiful video and all!


Oh. Is it illegal to climb those columns? There are some great cracks to go up and down that I didn't see in the still photos.


Thanks! I really don't know. They are not as massive as Devil's Post pile are, so I don't believe it is legal. :D


Such a cool video what a beautiful area, amazing to think the destruction of a volcano can turn so beautiful with time shows how wonderful nature can be


I know right? But this is a rare thing, it doesn't happen often from a disaster to be born something so beautiful.


I have visited many volcanic sites that have gone dormant and seen similar, I think Nature can turn disasters into Beauty man not so much so


My goodness @gabrielatravels, this is outstanding. So beautiful, but yet the harsh reality of a volcano. Love your travels, please keep sharing :)


Hehe, thank you so much! It was indeed an unique experience :D


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