Life is more than checking as many touristic attractions as possible, and that's why are beaches for.
When you feel like taking a break from everything and just spend a few hours listening to the music created by waves, there is no better recommendation than picking a beach that will stress-free your mind.


Officially known as Playa de la Barceloneta, is the Nº3 beach in the world and the Nº1 urban beach in the world according to Discovery Channel and National Geographic, who relates that Barcelona is the best city with a beach which is the most known and populated place during both winter and summer where are endless activities that will fill your days spent in that location.
Barceloneta Beach is located between Somorrostro Beach and Sant Sebastià and it represents one of the first beaches from Barcelona that suffered some severe transformation when the renovations of the coastline took place for the Olympic Games in 1992.
Its name comes from the fishing neighbourhood that has the exact same name and together they create one of the most visited and famous places from Barcelona that any tourist visits along with their journey in this city.

Some of the most practised activities on the beach are running or biking due to the perfect spot located at the street level which is an observation point over the beach.


Since the name of the beach comes from the name of a neighbourhood, this one is often considered an extension of the district where it can be clearly seen as the best relationship between a city and the Mediterranean Sea.

The activities you can enjoy on the beach are various and they depend on the season you are visiting it, but some of the things are never missing, are volleyball on the sand, ping-pong, cocktails, and the seafood restaurants which are considered as some of the best ones where you can take advantage of fresh and tasty food in the city.
Being such a popular location, the safety is not missing as there are a lifeguard and Red Cross attendance most of the time, but also playground areas for kids and some adapted ones for the disabled people.
The free WiFi and baggage lockers are also at their place, together with occasional concerts on the extension of the beach, or the numerous spots for the gym and aerobic.

Since there is a huge variety for the activities on the beach, there are also all kind of people so you don't have to be surprised when you meet such a big contrast of persons because the place itself is known as the most peaceful, safe, and clean location in Barcelona.
But if you feel like you need a bit of refreshment you have plenty of options to pick from whenever you want to eat something or enjoy a drink on a lounge chair under an umbrella.


There is a total of 9 beaches in Barcelona, Barceloneta together with Sant Sebastià and Somorrostro being considered the first ones, which later on were completed with 6 more which are noticeably less visited by tourists: Nova Icària, Nova Mar, Llevant, Mar Bella, Fòrum Bathing Zone and Bogatell, popularly known as beaches for either nudists or homosexual couples, mostly gays.

The beach is also the strip that makes the connection between Sant Miquel Beach and the Moll de Marina, and it measures a total of 422 metres.
Even though the beach is not a natural one, most of the people don't even know it because everything is created so well that won't make you think about this aspect, especially that the soft sand is brought from Egypt.
A few more popular activities on Barceloneta, into the water, are sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing which attract pretty many people even if not all of them are that brave but just curious.

Barceloneta is the closest beach to the center of the city and to get to it you can either go with the metro line L4 and drop off Barceloneta Station or with a bus: 17, 36, 39, 45, 59, 64, D20.

Buses 45 and 59 are leaving you next to the beach, while if you opt-in for the metro you will have to walk around 5-7 mins until you reach it.
You also have the option to take a walk from the famous street La Rambla which will be close to 20 mins until you get to the beach.

The address of the beach is Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 16, 08003 Barcelona, and it's one of the most recommended places to spend a day or at least... end a day or a vacation, due to all the vibes that are going to try you while letting the sound of the waves get into your soul.




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