This is the last announcement post from us before SteemFest⁴ - we're finalizing our presentation for the State of the Apps 2, which is set for now on the second conference day on November 8th, 11:10 am and we're first in line. Please consult the official SteemFest⁴ app in case our speaking slot has changed.

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Before we start packing our bags we would like to share some exciting TravelFeed news with you.

Post Scheduling

Going on a longer trip and you don't have a steady internet connection along the way but you don't want to have radio silence on your Blog? No problem. You can now easily schedule posts, you'll find the option on our post editor next to the publish button. By default, we delay publication by an hour but you can freely choose a day and time of your convenience. Please note that times are rounded up to the next quarter hour.

Encouraging Onboarding

We are starting to receive some search engine traffic from people researching travel destinations, we now encourage them to sign up for an account with a notification. Who wouldn’t like to travel - write - earn?


Stay up to date with - we're constantly pushing out changes and we want you to never miss one. You now have the opportunity to sign up for our email newsletter, via a form on the left hand side of on our frontpage. Starting next week, you'll be able to receive our weekly announcements via the newsletter. And you'll be one of the first ones to find out if we have a special offer for you or we're running a new giveaway.

EasyLogin for All

We just rolled out the option for our users coming from Steem to make logging in to TravelFeed as easy as pie. If you want to login with a minimum of 10 character password instead of your keys, then head over to your Dashboard (add link), go to settings and further down inside the main window you'll see the option to start adding EasyLogin to your account. Add your email (and don't forget to subscribe to your newsletter, where we announce competitions, giveaways, special offers and updates) and enter and you're good to.

We then send you an email with a link to add your EasyLogin password. Once confirmed you can then start using that new password to login.

EasyLogin Password Reset

Rule number one in the Crypto and Blockchain world, never ever lose your keys and passwords! But if you ever misplaced your EasyLogin password, we have some great news for you, you can reset it. Head over to our Login Page, when you type in your wrong credentials we prompt your with a link to reset your password. Once you entered your username or the email address associated to your TravelFeed Easylogin account, we send you an email with a link to initiate the password reset process. Once that one is clicked, it leads you to a page to enter your new password and once confirmed you have access again to TravelFeed. Yeah!

Auto Rewards Claim

Since we are waiting with that until the release of our SMT, TravelFeed does not have a wallet integrated yet. We have seen that several of our onboarded users use TravelFeed with EasyLogin, but never went to Steemitwallet to claim their rewards. This is why we are now introducing a feature to auto-claim rewards. This feature is enabled by default for users we onboard with EasySignUp. Similar to Seemauto and other services that offer an auto-claim feature, we check every 2 hours for claimable rewards. You can enable automated rewards claiming in the Settings.

Refer a Friend

Do you know a friend or family member who is playing with the idea to start travel blogging? We originally introduced the refer a friend feature as part of the Steemfest contest, but it was removed two weeks ago with the end of the contest. We are now bringing it back as an independent feature: On your dashboard you will find our new Refer a Friend feature. Add an email of that person, hit enter and we'll give them the kick in the butt to finally get their blog going.

Sharing Two New Open Source Scripts

We at TravelFeed ❤️ open source and want to support other developers and projects building on Steem. This is why we are releasing the post scheduling and rewards claiming scripts under MIT license, allowing developers to easily build awesome stuff for the Steem community. Use the links to our Github to start forking and coding!

New features

  • Automated rewards claiming
  • Post scheduling
  • Improved drafts view: Sort by unpublished/scheduled/published
  • Password reset for EasyLogIn
  • Set up EasyLogIn for existing Steem accounts by confirming email
  • Thank you page for delegations
  • Newsletter subscription form
  • Add refer-a-friend to Dashboard


  • Adjust payouts to hf21 split

All the changes on GitHub.

How to Get Involved?

Join the TravelFeed Community! We invite anyone who’s interested in travel to check out and to join our over 900-strong community on Discord. We’re also looking for one more curator to join our team.

As mentioned above, we ❤️ Open Source: We are proud to make TravelFeed fully Open-Source, and support other communities on Steem who want to build on our code, which can be found on Github. We’re still looking for contributors who want to work with us on the future of TravelFeed. We’re in Beta and continuously improving the software, meaning that there are still some bugs. If you notice anything or have feedback for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us on our Discord, leave a comment or open a bug report on our Github!

Consider Delegating To Us

Your delegation not only supports the growth of this incredible project, but also helps the entire travel community on the Steem blockchain. Once we launch our token, the airdrop to delegators will be based on the amount of SteemPower delegated and your share of the total delegations for each day delegated. This means an advantage for early investors delegating now while our total delegations amount is only 135k SP: a number that we expect to be much higher in the near future. Our Steem Power is fully used for curation of the best TravelFeed posts and we provide temporary delegations of 15 SP to accounts created through us, to help with resource credits. Feel free to use the following links according to the amount you would like to delegate to @travelfeed:

100 SP | 250 SP | 500 SP | 1000 SP
2500 SP | 5000 SP | 10000 SP
15000 SP | 25000 SP
50000 SP

And again, we'd like to thank every single delegator who believes and trusts in us. If TravelFeed becomes as successful as we are confident it will be, delegating to us is probably the investment with the highest ROI on Steem right now.

Winners of This Week's Round-up 

And with all this exciting news, we don't want to forget to highlight our three favorite submissions from this week. The rewards will go to the first three places as follows: 1st place - 14 STEEM, 2nd place - 7 STEEM and 3rd place - 3 STEEM.

The thumbnails are directly linked to the original posts. Please, click on the image and enjoy the read!

The 1st Place

5 must-visit places in and around Oaxaca
written by @haydae

Monte Alban isn’t the first name that springs to mind when it comes to ancient Mexican sites, overshadowed as it is by Chichen Itza or Palenque, but it is the most iconic in the Oaxaca region, cradle of the Zapotec civilization. Located a mere 20-minute drive away from the city itself, the site offers unparalleled views as it sits on top of a mountain, overlooking the countryside below

The 2nd Place

Travel Diaries - Hong Kong
written by @tggr

I adore the mixture of modern and traditional. While you can take very modern doubledecker buses or MTR trains, Hong Kong island has kept its old trams. No air conditioning, by far a smooth ride, but it's something you have to try. All the other cities I have been to may have one or two old trams running for the sake of tourists, but in HK they have kept the whole fleet.

The 3rd Place

Venice on a Shoestring Budget (Part 2)
written by @pushpedal

The Bottega Veneta Department Store is located by the Grand Canal where it bends 90°. This offered a great position to view the canal from the rooftop… for free! We're glad our friend Philip knew so we could go there early in the morning to make a booking – now we can share this secret with our readers! The viewpoint is accessible on the top floor but you must arrive only at the booked session. There's a limited spot per session to avoid overcrowding at the viewing deck.