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The United Arab Emirates is a motherland to the world largest shopping malls. And if you are in UAE, in Dubai, you shouldn’t miss a chance to visit this shooping mall.

Well, there are several shopping malls, but I will tell you about two of them: Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates.

I am not a shopping-holic, and I usually get bored of shopping very fast. But, if you visit shopping malls in Dubai, you can spend a whole day here.

Let me tell you about Mall of Emirates at first.

This mall is not just a shopping mall, it is a huge entertainment center, where you can spend not just a whole day, but a whole vacation. It is a first shopping mall, where I saw an inside ski complex. I didn’t have enough time to go inside for skiing, but I looked from the outside, and it looked super huge and awesone. Some people going abroad for skiing, but Emirates resdents can just visit Mall of Emirates.

As any big shopping malls Mall of Emirates has a supermarket inside it. I visited Carrefoure (if I am not mistaken, it is a french brand).

Now, let’s visit the world largest shopping mall, which name is Dubai Mall.

I will tell you honestly, I couldn’t see the whole mall, I think it is even much larger than some cities in UAE.

Here you can find a lot of different shops, cafes and restaurants, ice skate stadium, golden market, cinema and a many other fun facilities. But main attraction of this mall is Burj Khalifa, but about it I will tell you later.

There is even a waterfall inside the mall.

I was surprised when I saw a taxi which operates inside the mall. This taxis looks really cool. And of course, they are not free.

Also, you can buy a gold here. And I don’t menan a gold jewelry, I mean a gold bars. Gold bars you can get from special machines. There are just 50 gold bar machines in a whole world. And 2 of them are in Dubai: one in Dubai Mall, and another one in Atlantis Hotel. I lost a way and couldn’t find that machine, but now I have a reason to visit Dubai Mall and Dubai again.

I will emphasize that Dubai mall is amazing not just inside, but also outside. Outside the mall was constructed a huge fountain, where every 30 minutes visitors of the mall can enjoy a music performance and ‘water dance’. The first show starts at 6 pm.

Therefore, it is super nice place to spend an evening. There a lot of cafes close to mall, so you can sit there, have a dinner and enjoy the view.

It is all for today, next time I will take you to the main point of Dubai.


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