It was time for some weekend getaway. The sun was shining, good people were on the move it was time to visit some cool animals. Now I know what you are thinking 'animals in captivity, that shouldn't be the deal, and actually in the majority of the cases I would totally agree with you. But in a lot of places there are animals locked up in small little cages or behind glass, I find that something totally different compared to creating a mini savanne like area and letting these animals run around in gigantic spaces and mingle with each other as it would normally would be the case as well.

The only different? I guess that their food is provided by humans in the end, but these guys have a good life here in this zoo.


The concept of this zoo is that it has a couple of areas. The place is called 'Beekse Bergen' and is located in the South of Holland near the city of Tilburg. What you have here is a spot where you can normally drive though with your car, where you can see lions and bobcats in the wild. This place was actually in the news about a year back because some Frenchies decided to step out of their car between the cheetas and then they were hunted down by them. What a surprise and the stupidity....

In the end of the the movie you can see this. Some people....

The driving part of the part is one part and that is actually closed at the moment because of covid. I guess they dont want whole families who normally don't live together to get packed up in a car together. When looking at the average intellect from the video above...not a bad move I would say.

But there is also another part in the park and that is where little houses are located and you can sleep in the vicinity of these animals. Very cool actually!


Good morning to you mister Zebra man!

Actually what makes this park really cool (and not dangerous for both animals and humans) is they way how they made the boundaries for the animals. At the end of the great savannes the dirt is kind of deeper and a fence is digged in which you hardly seen. The houses are a bit higher than the deeper digged sides and that is why it looks like these creature are on the same height as you, while actually they are not.

Also there was a pond where these seals were living and playing and chilling around. At some point when I was there it was coincidentally feeding time and it was nice to see how the respect of animal and human was towards each other. It looked like these animals were treated very well. Even one seal seemed like he was getting sort of a physical examination and it really didn't seem to bother him as it looked like playtime for it. Fishies as a prize ofcourse!


The funniest animal I learned something about? For sure this was the Ostrich who I had plenty of time to observe with a coffee in the hand. Honestly I think every can-can danser in the past was based on how an Ostrich moves and behaves. They walk around like divas and it almost seems as if they were wearing high heels, so elegant that they move.


Also the feathers. Yeah.. For sure that their outfits are based on how fluffy an Ostrich looks. So actually these guys were the most funny ones to observe, and before this I never really payed any attention to ostriches that much. A learning curve..even for me!

Even it isn't the real deal in savanne somewhere in Africa where you sleep in between all wildlife (high on the to-do list!!), staying a while at the 'Beekse Bergen' is never a loss and I would surely recommend it!