ULOG #48: Mt. Yangbew revisited, again [with video]

leeart @leeartJanuary 2019 · 5 min read



Mt. Yangbew or Mt. Jumbo

This is a quick climb locals and tourists want to go to. On top of this mountain you get a 360 degree view of La Trinidad and the surrounding mountains. #Baguio City can also be seen from this vantage point. Depending on how fast you walk, you can reach the top in less than an hour. For us, we were able to do it in less than 30 minutes.


Fees are indicated in the billboard sign at the foot of the mountain. Before, it was free to visit this place. When hikers kept increasing, the local government decided to impose fees. Not everybody who hikes or camps are that responsible. No matter how much fine you impose there will always be those who are undisciplined.




When you reach the top, there is a makeshift hut where you will register and pay fees. The fees will be used to maintain the place. However, they are making a not so great effort keeping it clean. There were still garbage here and there. Probably it was the hikers' irresponsibility. The personnel who were in this hut also sells food and drinks. It's still best to bring your own.

It was already late afternoon when we decided to take a hike. This was our third day hiking around our place and by then we were already feeling the muscle strain, aches and pains from the previous days of walking and hiking. This is also the last day of Christmas vacation. We were really maximizing our time and wanted to enjoy every moment of it.


Viewed from Mt. Yangbew is Mt. Kalugong. Check out my post about Mt. Kalugong here: https://steemit.com/ocd-resteem/@leeart/kape-an-cafe-in-mt-kalugong-eco-park-with-short-clips

We were hoping to catch the sunset but clouds have rolled in which was disappointing but still I enjoyed every moment of it.

My sister registered for us. Since we live in the area, the personnel was kind enough to not let the kids pay. Only us adults paid the said fee.



It is not always the same when every time we take a hike here. It awes me again and again how magnificent and beautiful it is. It gives you the feeling of being on top of the world and how small everything is from a distance. For me, the best time to take a hike here is during the cold months. The mountain is purely grassland so it is hot when during the dry months. However, you can still choose to hike during the cooler hours of the day.


It's Marlboro Country!

Horses have been a thing here in our mountains. These were brought by the Americans during their reign. They put up summer vacation houses here because of its cool temperature and bringing with them are horses. Baguio City is known for its horses and tourists get to ride them or have pictures with them when they visit the city.

Local horse owners took advantage of the number of hikers coming here in this mountain. They rent horses and let you ride horses for 30 minutes at PHP150.00 around USD3. Usually, these horses are available during the weekends only. I let my nephews rode one of the horses. They were delighted to do so and excited! They wanted to whip and/or kick like an expert horse rider will do but the horseman will not allow it of course.

While they were enjoying the horse ride, we roam around and took more pictures.





If the conditions are good, this is a great place for a sunrise/sunset. You get a clear view of every direction. The clouds may have blocked the sun but it was an exhilarating site just the same. We were presented with sea of clouds!




I don't know if jump shot is still a thing but seeing these clouds, they just make one feel like walking on them and taking a jump. If only we can fly!

There were no flowers this time of year. I believe from October to early December there are some Benguet lilies that grow around this place and some grow along the way. No luck for us because there are none when we hiked.



Some trees grow but they are stunted. They will grow up to a point but then dies.

The night is falling fast so we took final photos and went down the mountain. It was cold also and our sweats have dried out.

While going down, we still met hikers going up even though it is dark. They probably will camp or spend a limited time in the mountain. Some even dared to drink. Those should be me monitored by the watchers.




We chose the wrong place for a sunset view but it was still beautiful.

Here is a short video of the place.

To get there, ride a jeepney plying Baguio to La Trinidad and vice versa. Ask to be dropped off Tiongsan La Trinidad. Enter the bridge going to Pines Park and ride the jeepney going to Tawang. Ask the driver to drop you off Mt. Yangbew. You can always choose to take taxi.

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Okay, @leeart. I thought this place and the names sounded familiar. I think I read the post you made six months ago. It's good to be able to revisit places and see them with greater knowledge and experience, as well as create new memories. There's always something new to see and explore.

Sounds like your nephews had a great time.

I'm glad to see you're still around, too. I see your upvote (when I do actually post), and I'm thankful for it, but we've not had a conversation in a while, so hopefully, even though I'm late to the party, you will see my comment and have time to chat.

Congratulations on the curie, too. Well done. :)

leeart @leeartJanuary 2019

Your memory serves you well :D

Every visit to this place gives me different scenes and it's wonderful!

They surely did! I have not experienced horse back riding even though there are lots of places to do that here lol!

I believe you are one of those I enrolled in auto votes. I have not been here and cannot be here for long unlike before so I lose track.

Thanks a lot @glenalbrethsen!

Sheryl @sherylneilJanuary 2019

I really love to read you blog Sir. Glad to see you again. As always, another fantastic blog, whoaa!
Happy new year!

leeart @leeartJanuary 2019

Hi @sherylneil! I'm glad to see you as well. Happy new year!

ferrate @ferrateJanuary 2019

Great tourism site, nice views and great piece you got there.
Nice post man

leeart @leeartJanuary 2019

Thank you @ferrate! It is becoming popular spot for locals and tourists. Do you have such places from where you're from?

Remy @guchtereJanuary 2019

Great views you showed us here @leeart! Thanks for sharing :)

leeart @leeartJanuary 2019

Thanks a lot @guchtere for appreciating! Cheers!


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leeart @leeartJanuary 2019

Thanks much for the feature @travelfeed!

Stephan @steef-05January 2019

Very nice views! How high is the mountain?

leeart @leeartJanuary 2019

I honestly have no idea but according to one site it is 5,389 ft / 1,643 m.


Hello my dear friend! I haven't heard from you in ages! I hope you're doing well.

This is an amazing post. I have enjoyed all your photos. It looks like you had a lovely time during Christmas vacation :) Active time is the best time spent :)

I like the feeling of being above clouds. It's like you were on the top of the world :)

I'm not sure if jumping is a thing either but I do like these two jumping photos :) Is it you?

It's sad to see that the entrance fee is not used as promised but I do hope that this mess will be cleaned soon. It's also sad to see that people still don't realize that it's not cool to leave trash behind them in nature. Just take it with you!

Thank you for sharing! And I'm glad to read something from you again :)

Take care!

leeart @leeartJanuary 2019

Hi, martina! I know I am missing a lot. I am here but not here lol! I can be here for a little time and cannot stay much longer as before.

Agree. I feel like there are still vacation mode left in me.

Right? It's my first time to see this. Unlike before even the mountain is covered by clouds so nothing can be seen.

Yup! That's me lol! I was aiming for being above the clouds but i can't jump high enough lol!

Yeah, we really should be more disciplined and be concerned about the consequences of our actions.

Thanks for dropping by. Cheers!


great landscape! you really get the freedom and the energy of enjoying nature, the jumps over the clouds are amazing and funny thanks for sharing

leeart @leeartJanuary 2019

Thanks for appreciating @road2horizon! I hope I can have more freedom and energy to do so :D Cheers!


The fact that you can quickly climb a mountain so your kids can go horseback riding is amazing to know. What a beautiful spot and your photos are lovely.

Every post I see from your country makes me want to go there. I am in Malaysia now, so maybe :)

I don't know if jump shots are a thing either, but yours look fun.

I would like to ask you about your formatting. Are you using full size photos in those side by side frames? I am doing some long photo posts now and the shots are just too big on the page. I really like your layout and want to steal it from you if you let me.

The one with the four shots in one frame would be good for what I do - showing people how to exercise, for example.

leeart @leeartJanuary 2019

Hi @fitinfun!

The horseback riding wasn't planned. We were just there for the sunset at first. There were supposedly no horses that day but glad that there are some so the kids can enjoy it.

We're just a few hours away. Come and visit our beautiful mountains and beaches :D

There was a post explaining alignment better but I lost the link and can't search for it now. What I do is that two of the images are aligned right and the two are aligned left. I just drag and drop images and use the alignment format. No spaces after "<"
< div class"pull-left">IMG HERE< /div> for left alignment
< div class"pull-right">IMG HERE< /div> for right alignment

I don't know about resizing. I guess you have to use a separate site for that?


lol - If you do not know, you probably aren't doing it!

Thank you so much for this. I am so glad to have it.

Oh! THe beaches. You have some great ones.

leeart @leeartJanuary 2019

You're welcome!

Oh yes. A previous co-worker of mine had been touring all the beaches here in our country and I'm so envious lol! Hoping one day I can do that too.


It's a hard job with no end in sight, but someone has to do it!


Gorgeous photos and excellent video that gave us a closer look.

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leeart @leeartJanuary 2019

hi @jhnmunoz!

I just saw this now. That is so cool! I did not know there is a curie feature now. Thanks for the feature! This is another way to know more people better. Cheers!