No trip in the desert would be complete without camels, especially in Wadi Rum where TE Lawerence is said to have travelled some 1400 miles on camelback. So significant was his trip at Wadi Rum that it was made into one of the greatest film in history - Lawerence of Arabia.
沙漠裏一定不能少得駱駝, 尤其著名的約旦瓦地倫沙漠。 當年英國軍官勞倫斯上校在這裡騎駱駝走了1400多英里 ,之後還拍成經典電影沙漠梟雄。


I didn't follow Colonel Lawrence's footstep on camel, as when I was at Wadi Rum there was some kind of disease outbreak from camels, not that I would have taken a ride anyway as I don't like animals. So I continued my tour of Wadi Rum on this jeep.


Driven by this guy, whose name I have completely forgotten. That's the guy on the left by the way, not the one on the right, I would be in big trouble if I forget his name... Anyway, for the purposes of this post, I'm going to called our driver Fred.


To be honest, I'm not sure where I went in Wadi Rum as it is absolutely massive. Its total area is 720 square km, and to put it in perspective, that's the same size as Singapore!!!! There were no roads of course, and every rock and cliff looked very similar, but was actually unique in their own stunning way.


Normally, when I write my posts, I like to research on internet and include the names of the places I've been to. I didn't have much luck this time as I honestly couldn't tell one cliff and rock formation from another, so I'm just going to take you on a virtual tour this time.



I do remember this rock that I'm standing on quite well though. Fred told me that Wadi Rum consist of many different colour sandstones, and this particular red terracotta was used by the Bedouin people as make up. He brushed his fingers on the surface of the rock, and hey presto, there's your natural organic blusher. Apparently, he's quite a make up artist!
小福說瓦地倫由多種不同顏色的沙岩形成。 而我站在這片陶紅色的石頭, 是貝都因遊牧民族用來做做胭脂喔!


Here's a close up magnificent view of the landscape, and how small us human beings are compared to Wadi Rum. No matter how clever we are, how advanced technology is, you just can't compete with what mother nature gives us.



After driving around Wadi Rum for a few hours, Fred stopped by a tent in the middle of nowhere. He said it was owned by his cousin, and invited us in for tea. I think it was a stopover for tourist groups but we were the only ones there when we arrived. They put the kettle on and made us some sort of tea which I remember was very nice. Of course back then, I didn't think I'd be blogging one day, and a cup of tea was just a cup of tea, so I have no photo to show you.
在瓦地倫遊覽幾小時後,小福帶我們到一個帳篷休息。 這個攤檔是他的表哥經營,給遊客作中途休息站。 表哥還為我們準備當地貝多因人喝的茶, 非常特別,很好喝。



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