Bonaire, diving intro

Andrey Narchuk @narchukMay 2018 · 2 min read

I came back and brought new photos and a history. I have not seen most of the photos so far, so this is just the beginning.


In the south of the Caribbean lost a small piece of Holland. Island of Bonaire. Being much to the south of the main centers of the region, it does not attract many tourists. Cruise liners also sometimes come here. But the island is far away to such places as the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. Most of tourist are either Americans or Dutch. For which there is a very convenient direct flight from Amsterdam. By the way, that way our small group of underwater photographers came to the island.


Who does not know, the island of Bonaire is located in the southeast of the Caribbean a hundred kilometers from the coast of Venezuela. The length of the island is slightly more than 30 km and you can easily go round it all by car in a couple of hours. Despite the fact that the island belongs to the Netherlands, it is made a separate island visa, and US dollars are used as the official currency.


What attracted our attention and stood out among many other Caribbean islands? Firstly, the entire water area of ​​the island is one big national park. And secondly this place is ideal for diving. Almost the entire coast of the island is designated and described dive sites, of which there are already six dozen. You can dive almost anywhere you like. Some restrictions are only in the places of movement of ships. In the rest everything is up to you, well, of course, on common sense.


Take the car for rent and only occasionally you stop at the dive center to change the air tanks. Plus transparent water, a lot of variety of living creatures and corals. All this together is the island of Bonaire.

Two weeks of diving passed unnoticed. Half an hour dives immediately became the norm. And of course every day a night dive. But about it it is necessary to tell separately)

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Supeeeeeeeeeer i likenit.


wow, wonderful island, the sea is impressive which contain beautiful fishes thanks for sharing such a great post.


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