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As some of you might know, we have recently relocated from a rural part of the Mexican state of Yucatan back to the city of Playa del Carmen (located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo) that was our home for more than a year already in 2017 and 2018.

You might also remember from some of my previous posts that Playa del Carmen is one of the fastest growing cities in Mexico as well as all Latin America so it not surprising for us to see many changes and new things here compared to what we remembered from our first stay.

One of the first things that I noticed while walking down the Fifth Avenue far beyond the touristy area (the remote northern section of the avenue is partially leading along the original jungle that Playa del Carmen was actually built in and is thus my favorite part of the town) was a number of new amazing graffiti artworks.

The street art scene here in Playa del Carmen is very lively and I have already dedicated one of my posts here on Steemit to it but it seems like I might need to make another photo collection of local graffiti artworks as there are tons of new astonishing pieces to be admired all over the city.

Let me now offer you just a little sneak peek of what I captured during my recent strolls through the city.









If you liked those shots, feel free to stop by in the comment section below and let me know if you are interested in another decent photo collection of street art from Playa del Carmen.

Have a great Thursday everyone and Steem on! :)


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