City of Mendoza, Argentina's wine heart

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At the foot of the highest mountains of the Andes is located the cosmopolitan city cataloged as the international capital of wine, the City of Mendoza. It’s called like that because it has wines that are well known worldwide for their quality and excellence.

In addition to its excellent wines, the City of Mendoza holds the 21st place in the classification of the most wonderful cities in the world, and that is to walk through its streets lined with large trees on its sides, observe the excellent architectural structure of its buildings and Feeling the freshness of its climate allows us to appreciate that it really deserves this position, without a doubt one of the best cities in the world to live.

The foliage of the trees gives a really charming aspect to the streets of this beautiful city, one of the things that caught my attention is that each street was provided with small water channels that kept irrigated the trees throughout the city, a beautiful example of how nature can be conserved even in a big city.

Activities to do in Mendoza City

In my previous publication Meeting Mendoza part #1: Uspallata – Argentina I had the pleasure of talking about one of my favorite places in the province of Mendoza, but of course I could not miss telling you about the capital city of that province, which has the same name.
Today I am pleased to talk to you from the beautiful city of Mendoza, a city characterized by its excellent wines and unsurpassed landscapes.

-Wine Route-


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The province of Mendoza is one of the most emblematic wine regions in the world and, of course, you can’t miss a walk along the wine roads where you can find small producers and big companies dedicated to the hard work of the lands to make it that looks like an oasis of vine that adorns wonderful landscapes full of life and color. The tour also accompanied by a good wine is simply charming.
On my last trip to Argentina, I was still underage, but I did not escape to enjoy a good wine collection in secret, I could not miss it! Mendoza wines have a great reputation as one of the best wines in the world.
There are different routes that offer to know these roads, in particular I made one that I recommend to all who are like my father a good lover of wine, the tour consists of a walk in all the extension of the so-called roads of the It came with two special stops, one in the cellar and Cavas de Weinert, a charming place where they explain a bit about the collection of wines, from how it should be done to how to recognize them according to color and smell, as well as offering free samples, they offer their better wines for sale, without a doubt they captivated me and I did not think twice before buying it and bring it as a gift to my mother at home.
And as well as viticulture (the art of growing the vine and making the wine) olive-growing is also practiced (the same thing with the olive tree), they took us to Pasrai, an olive-growing boutique and a place where they taught us a little about their techniques for the development of the best olive products in the country.


In Weirnert they also teach you how to differentiate good wines, by their color you can determine their age, the technique consists of tilting a little glass half full and in good light you should see the reflection on a tablecloth, preferably White color, wines that tend to be darker, tend to be older, so the darker, are the stronger and the better.

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-General San Martín Park-

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One of the oldest parks in the city, also one of the best places to spend a day or a pleasant afternoon enjoying the tranquility of nature, or excellent sports and / or scientific-recreational activities, as it has museums, theaters, golf clubs, tennis, gymnastics, scientific centers, rose gardens, botanical gardens and innumerable activities open to all public.


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-La Gloria Hill-

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Perfect place for lovers of good views and sculptural appreciations, La Gloria hill has the image of the Monument to the Army of the Andes, well known throughout Argentina for being the representative image of 5 peso bills, once in the city you can’t miss the opportunity to visit this famous monument.


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-Plaza España –

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A very cool and pleasant place to spend a free afternoon in this beautiful city.

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More captures taken in this wonderful city

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In no corner of all Argentina, you will stop listening to the tango, besides enjoying it. Photograph captured in a nighttime event in a plaza in Mendoza.


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A little more of the beautiful city of Mendoza


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A little more of the happiness rout, a little more of the wine rout


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A bit of olive growing in Pasrai

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A city full of wines, olive trees, parks, monuments, trees and buildings, could not be more perfect to be listed as one of the most wonderful cities in the world to live ... This is why in this second part of my journey to Mendoza, I wanted to show you a little more of what you should not miss in beautiful Argentina. Once again I hope to have given you a pleasant moment, without forgetting to invite you to travel, to know, to venture, to live, once again I also wish you ...

Happy Life and Sweet Dreams

Loren Nunes

Photographs taken with my Canon Powershot SX30IS Camera on my last trip to Argentina in 2012

Spanish version: Conociendo Mendoza parte #2: Ciudad de Mendoza, capital internacional del vino - Argentina