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Baresbisan Beach Resort

Part 1 The Long and Winding Road to Bicol

Part 2 Balatan Public Market

From the coastal village of Pararao it would take you just around 13 minutes by car to reach the resort.

The roads here are very quiet and the provincial atmosphere can be felt everywhere you look. On the way here you wouldn't be seeing a lot of vehicles. Most of them are just motorcycles and our local public transportation call the tricycle.

After a few minutes drive, we reached the resort. I could tell from outside that there were no visitors yet during this time as the parking lot was empty. That is always a good sign for me as I do not like crowded places especially when it comes to the pool. It is off-season but I am pretty sure that the place gets crowded during summer.

The price list is always posted at the gate and fees are to be settled before entry.


Entrance fee:

If you would only just be swimming at the beach.

Adult rate Day swimming 30 pesos ($.58 USD) / Night Swimming 50 pesos ($.98 USD)

Child rate Day swimming 15 pesos ($.29 USD) / Night Swimming 30 pesos ($.58 USD)

Swimming Pool Fee

Adult rate Day swimming 100 pesos ($1.93 USD) / Night Swimming 150 pesos ($2.89 USD)

Child rate Day swimming 75 pesos ($1.45 USD) / Night Swimming 100 pesos ($1.93 USD)

Cottage rates:

Small cottage day rate 600 pesos ($11.56 USD) / Night rate 800 pesos ($15.42 USD)

Large cottage day rate 1,000 pesos ($19.27 USD) / Night rate 1,200 pesos ($23.12 USD)

Up and down cottage day rate 1,200 pesos ($23.12 USD) / Night rate 1,500 pesos ($28.90 USD)

Cabin fees:

Small cabin 2,500 pesos ($48.17 USD)

Big cabin 3,500 pesos ($67.44 USD)

The usual rules and regulations applies.

Upon entry, you will immediately see this spot where you take photos with the name of the resort. I have noticed that this is very common in resorts here in our country. They even provided a bench for a good photo without blocking the name.

An interesting cottage design that has been built around a tree. Aside from the native roofing materials used, the leaves of the tree will add additional protection from the heat. For sure it would be quite cool inside the cottage.

On the right side of the resort is where all the cabins are located. I think this is the small cabin that costs 2,500 pesos ($48.17 USD).

The staff here are very courteous and as I passed by the lady sweeping the dried leaves greeted me good morning with a smile.

The place is well maintained but would look much better if they had the carabao grass growing all over the place. A few small patches of the grass growing but I think they had grass before maybe they just died out.

Made from wood, bamboo and nipa palm for the roofing the cottages are lined up accordingly. They even covered the roof with some sort of net to keep them from flying off during a storm. On the left are the small cottages and the larger size are arranged on the right.


This is how the inside of the cottage looks like. It would be hard to eat with that center table far from the benches. You would be either holding on to your plate or eat at the table standing up. But you wouldn't be spending much time in the cottage while others are out having fun in the pool.

The property is surrounded by large metal fences that goes around the place to ensure the safety of the visitors. I hear the sound of the waves and we'd better go outside and check out the beach.

In case you forgot to bring supplies with you like, soap, shampoo, noodles, and other necessities. They have a store here where you could buy almost anything that you need.


With the recent storm, I noticed that some rubbish has been washed on the shore just like on the beach in the coastal village. But it is good to see that the staff are already on it in removing the rubbish on the beach.

The no lifeguard on duty as there are no swimmers on the beach. The place is so calm with no one to bother you, with just the music from the waves and the fresh breeze from the ocean.

After that stroll on the beach, I went back inside to see the other amenities. We haven't checked out the pool area yet but we will be getting there shortly.

Looks like this is where the function halls are located. If you have a reunion, office event, team building it would be best to rent out one of the halls.

A gazebo-like structure made with bamboo materials and plants are grown on the roof. The plants haven't fully covered the roof yet but it is slowly creeping to cover the bamboo roof. Maybe after a year, it would be completely covered.

There is a small fence that surrounds the pool area. This is one way to keep out the visitors who only paid for the beach swimming part. Pool visitors are marked accordingly to be allowed entry to this area.

There is only one pool and has an average size but the water is clean. I noticed they have someone always checking the pool and netting out leaves that have flown in the water.

The design of the pool somehow resembles a fidget spinner, a toy that was popular like two years ago.

Trees and plants are planted around the pool area and also on the small platform in the middle of the pool. When it comes to swimming pools, I prefer those that are surrounded by nature. It balances out the artificial feel to the pool. But definitely, nothing can beat the natural pools that nature created. If you want to see what I mean you can check out our travel from 4 months ago "Ending a Fantastic Adventure".

That platform in the center could be a good spot to set up a live band. Maybe a good reggae band during the day and a romantic bossa nova band at night.

I climbed up that stage and from here you could get a good view of the place. This is a good spot to have good live music, adding a musical vibe is like having a pool party every day. Maybe twice a week would do as some prefer relaxation.

This ends our tour for today and thank you for spending a little time with me as we explored this resort. It may not be luxurious and is one of those places that you wouldn't discover unless people talk about it. But if you are looking for an affordable place to just cool down with the family from the heat, Baresbisan Beach Resort is worth the look.

Thank you for joining me again in our Bicol Region adventure. Please do join me again next time as we head up to the mountains and discover more of Bicol only here in the Philippines. Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone and never stop reaching for your dreams.




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