Real Life Captured #141: Buenos Aires Argentina! Part Sixteen (11 Photos with Travel Pro Captions!)

World Travel Pro @world-travel-proAugust 2018 · 3 min read

Hey there my Steemit friends! In this "Real Life Captured Series" I do my best to bring you exactly that; the real life captured from destinations all around the world! After eleven years of travel experience my favorite thing to do is walk around! That's right, I simply like to go to foreign countries and walk around. I observe (and now photograph) the people, food, culture, way of everyday life and bring it to you in this "Real Life Captured Series".

Buenos Aires Argentina is a city unlike any other I have visited in South America. It was full of life, culture, impressive architecture, and more. There was so much to do, so much to see, and besides all that it had some of the finest food in this part of the world.

This city really had me counting down the days until I had to leave. Not because I wanted to leave, but because I wanted to stay longer. "Only three days left! I still want to see this, do that, and eat there!" With a population of over seven million this city was full of energy yet one of the cleanest and safest in this part of the world.

I've been traveling for over eleven years and very seldom do I come across a destination that makes it to my list of places I must return to and even potentially spend a few months of the year. Buenos Aires has made me feel this way and now let's get a closer look at why in this extensive "Real Life Captured" photo series!

This is about as real as it gets!

The largest boulevard in the world! 9th de Julio.

Just hanging out by the fountain!

On your mark, get set, go!

Yes, we are in Argentina!

This guy is drawing a small crowed!

Soccer/football is a big deal in these parts.

Very nice restaurant and store fronts in this city.

With over 11 years of travel experience I answer travel and international lifestyle questions. Leave a question in the comments and I may make a Steemit post just for you!

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Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

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Everything very nice I like the streets, the people, the locals and the people respect the traffic lights is how it should be


Thanks for taking the time to comment. Agree, and agree. Thank you!


Cool post! Really love the architecture there. Your photos somehow remind me of buildings in Southern California. What do you think about the weather in Buenos Aires?


Thank you! The weather is similar to maybe South Carolina mild just in reverse as the line of latitude is opposite from the equator. In other words, the weather is really nice! Thank you for taking the time to comment hope to see you stop by my blog again! Have a great day!


lovely pictures and lovely city! I've heard amazing stories about Argentina!

7 million people though in one city... That's more than my whole country combined ._.


Haha. Where are you from my friend?


Denmark, so yeah... I think a lot of cities are bigger than our country all together. So maybe I am just easy to impress.


I lived in Seoul South Korea teaching English for a few years back in my early 20s. They say it's a city of 10 million, but really greater Seoul is more like 20 Million! Talk about a cluster f*^k! lol

I think you've got it good in Denmark. Still yet to visit your country but I'll get there.


hello sir i need your help....Why can not I get it?



Sorry, but I have no idea. Ask me about travel and I have the answer ;)


ok sir


come india 😊


All picture are very nice. Thanks friend for sharing.


Thank you Fatima.


I love that you take amazing photos of each place as it is I love seeing the everyday of your photos

Also you know a little more about another country and what they can do in their day to day


Thank you. That is what I do. Try to show you the Real Life! Captured!


pic's are pretty good 👌🏻