Delegate to @travelfeed

Delegations help us give higher rewards to content creators. Currently, there are no rewards for delegators, but once our platform is more advanced, and we have published our whitepaper, we will announce a delegation plan that will also consider current and past delegations. Be assured that you won't regret it, if you delegate to @travelfeed today!

Support our Crowdfunding Campaign

As of now, all costs for running TravelFeed have been paid out of our own pockets, but taking TravelFeed to the next level requires some investment that we hope to (partly) cover by selling advertising space on TravelFeed through a crowdfunding campaign on Fundition. We really hope that you consider a contribution!

Follow the TravelFeed Curation Trail

By following our curation trail, you automatically upvote all posts that we curate and help to reward quality content creators. We have made a simple tutorial explaining how to follow our curation trail.

Upvote our Daily Curation Posts

Upvoting our curation posts helps us to give higher rewards to the featured bloggers, who receive a share of the post rewards, and to pay our running costs. If you want to automatically upvote our posts, set up Steemauto as described in the tutorial above and add travelfeed to your "fanbase".

Join the Team!

We are still looking for more curators to join our curation team! There is no direct financial reward and your TravelFeed posts would be excluded from curation while you are part of the curation team, but if you stick around for the long term, you will receive your part of the team share once we tokenize TravelFeed.

We are also looking for developers to help to improve TravelFeed. Please ping @jpphotography on our Discord server if you are interested! TravelFeed is fully open-source, open issues are listed on Github.


We currently pay all server costs out of our own pockets. Donations to the Steem account @travelfeed, whether in Steem, SBD, Steem-Engine tokens or SBI shares, help us a lot.

Report Bugs

TravelFeed is still in Beta. If you encounter any bugs, please report them on our Discord server in the channel #travelfeed. If you have a Github account, you can also submit an issue at our Github repository.