Charming, romantic Madrid!!!

Yanika @yanipetkovJune 2018 · 2 min read

Hi Steemians,

I decided to post some pics from Madrid, where I landed on my back way to Bulgaria from Ecuador.

I traveled with Avianca Airlines, had a 2 hours stopover in Bogota, and after about 10 hour flight arrived in the capital of Spain.
Having been here couple of times and knowing the city pretty well, I decided to go to the downtown and take few pics. Was short on time, because later in the day had to catch up the flight to Sofia.

Let me start with España Square with the Monument of Cervantes and Don Quixote & Sancho Panza, two of the most prominent characters of European literature from the Middle Ages.



Edificio España, or House of Spain, is one of the most monumental buildings I have seen in Madrid.Of course there are many new highrises, but this one is located on the main Spanish Square and is kind of trade mark here.
Was built in the fifties of the last century, has 25 floors and is 117 meters in height. Currently it is not used, but it's nice to have a picture of it.Have info that RIU hotels is getting to open a hotel in 2019. I am crossing the fingers, everything will go through!


Took a short walk to Plaza de Oriente, and in front of me stands in the full grandeur Palacio Real.

DSC00319 (1).jpg

Monumento a Felipe IV, king of Spain and Portugal in the beginning of 17 th century.


Isabelle II Square, the Queen of Spain, who reigned over the country in the mid of 19th century.



with the Opera Building on the same square, as it was built in 1850 with the help of Queen Isabelle II.


Took a walk in the area of the old Madrid, the streets, the architecture, the many restaurants and small authentic stores create an unforgettable atmosphere.




Yes, Madrid never ceases to amaze me, now I know for sure, why it is one of the top World destinations!!!

In case you missed one of the previous part from my South American trip, you can check them here:
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Very impressive!


Indeed, impressive and at the same time romantic& charming!


Among other things, the Spaniards also original sense of humor :)


haha, si si, este es verdad!


Es muy fina ironía y sobre él también.
Y me admiro de flamenco!


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@travelfeed! Thank you very much, will keep posting high quality travel content!


OMG, what so beautiful pictures you share here, Madrir, how beautiful place...


Yeap, it is an amazing city! Have you been to Madrid?


No, I have not.. But I want to, maybe soon, I hope to!

I started to follow you, I hope to find more good posts like this :D


thanks for really liking my post, next week will upload from my home city in Bulgaria, as I am been visiting it right now.
Started following you as well!


Super fine, I will be there, you have amazing photos, I would like to meet Bulgaria too. A big hug for you :)


Greetings from Bulgaria, will upload some pics in two-three days!

Nino @ninosJune 2018

Very nice images!!


@ninos Hi! Thanks for liking my pics!


The places you went to in the image are really nice. I wish I could also travel and view these sites. It looks fun, thanks for sharing :D


Thanks, @jnytgotaku23! Nice city, I wish you to have the chance to visit it any time soon!


Zdravei yanipetkov! I have been looking for some Bulgarian people sharing quality content on Steemit. Nice to meet you! Looking forward to your next posts!


Zdrasti Elena! Nice to meet here another Bulgarian, thanks for your kind comments.
Next week there will be few more posts, and the good news is that they will be from Bulgaria, as for a while I am gonna stay here. I rarely go back to BG in the recent 10-12 years. So now I really enjoy my time here.


Oh really, so where do you live? I will be glad to see your posts from Bulgaria. I strive my best to go back 2 times a year, but I only just moved to London quite recently.
Best wishes,


I used to live for about 5 years in NYC, a year in London, two years in UAE, and now since 2014 in Moscow. So I am 100 % global person, and just recently became a Blockchain person, its better to catch up with the trend later than never.
FYI this is my account in FB /yani.petkov, just for any case, even though I think that the days of FB are counted and is soon to be game over, as all money goes to M.Zuckerberg, so I draw a conclusion that he has no chance to be a match with steemit in a long run. The beginning is always hard, but here the idea and the platform will prevail over the old, kind of feudal FB corporate system! That is for sure!


Much love from Moscow ☺


Wooow @steemcafe! Nice to see you here! I really hope, you are enjoying the cool weather in Moscow!


hi @yanipetkov

I wasnt very impressed with Madrit. Try to visit south of Spain. You will love it.

ps. Ecuador must be amazing, always watnted to visit it

yours, Piotr


Thanks for your advice, will keep it in mind!
Yeap Ecuador is really fascinating, but to be honest this part of the Globe is the same intriguing. I would like to travel throughout the whole Venezuela, Colombia and Peru as well!


I love to see how responsive you are @yanipetkov

big thx! :)

Upme @upmeJune 2018

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Thanks for sharing some pics of sceneries from Spain. I am from the Philippines and it makes me curious and interested to have a glimpse of Spain because if you read Philippine history, the Filipino people was colonized by Spain for more than three hundred years before our country and people were given independence. In fact, Philippines was derived from the name of the King at that time, King Philip.


Hi @teres2018! Thanks for your comments, I have made many Philippino friends, so I know about the story, but anyway thanks for your detailed explanation.