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For long time I had an idea to start showing to all of you the parks of Moscow. Today I did the first step. My set #1 is ready! I really hope you will enjoy it! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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As per wikipedia there are about 25 big parks in Moscow, and many many smaller. Generally is a green city, and you can have a great time, enjoy and relax in different parks, as they are located all over the city, in the very downtown, in the central part and of course the bigger ones by size in the outskirts.

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Park Zaryadye (Russian: ะ—ะฐั€ัะดัŒะต ะŸะฐั€ะบ)

Some first hand info:

Zaryadye Park was inaugurated last year in September by the Russian presidend and the Mayor of Moscow. The most amazing thing is its location, it is situated right next to Kremlin and the Red Square, what is the reason to see many my pics, showing the above mentioned Russian top sightseeings.
For many years this location was occupied by a prominent, the biggest Russian hotel by room numbers ( more than 2000 rooms ) - Hotel Rossiya. It was an old Stalinist architecture, demolished 15 years ago, and over the course of 10-12 years discussions never ended, the country "strong men" were wondering how to use this central location of Moscow. The most stupid option was to open a huge parking lot. Hahaha! But the common sense prevailed, and after two years and 24/7 construction works, the first public park for this century was finally ready to welcome its guests from all over the world.
Now it stays in the list of the top 10 Moscow attractions to visit!!!

ะะพะฒั‹ะน ั‚ะพั‡ะตั‡ะฝั‹ะน ั€ะธััƒะฝะพะบ (3) (1).jpg

source: @steemitworldmap

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The best vantage point to take pics of Kremlin is the hill right in the center of the park.

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In the background you can see the first 5 star luxurious International Hotel opened in Moscow in early 90-ies. It is a Kempinski Hotel.

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Rare view towards St.Basil Cathedral!

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The floating bridge and the letter "V" design.


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Concert Hall with ....



...an amphitheater.

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Stay tuned, more Moscow Park blogs are coming very soon....