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NYC is one of my favorite cities in the world, I fell in love with it after having spent 5 years of my life in the city. I managed to make many friends there, I have had many unforgettable, everlasting memories and moments connected with the city and the country in general. And of course thousands of pics. While in process of sorting them out, I managed to prepare huge selection of pics not just from the Big Apple, but from different corners of USA (my top hobby is traveling). Decided to start with NYC, as that is one of my favorite cities and I am really very happy for having spent many years there. 😊


Statue of Liberty

Some first hand info:

The Statue of Liberty, designed by French sculptor and built by G.Eiffel, was opened on October 28. 1886. It is well known to be a gift to USA by the people of France in the name of friendship, cooperation, democracy and humankind progress!

Statue of Libery seen from a distance of about 4 km ( maximum zoom used in this pic ). The ferry departs from Battery Park and it takes about 45 min. to get to the island.

It was a quiet, sunny, fall day, when I went on this trip.


This was my 4th or 5th trip to the Island, but I remember arriving for the first time here, and was cought by surprise of how big the island in reality is. Before I have imagined it to be like 50m by 50 m. Actually the size is 300m by 150-200m. The park zone has many pedestrian areas, dining areas, souvenirs stores.
Later on I did my investigation and it turned out that Statue of Liberty Island is the smallest one comparing to the rest two (Ellis Island + Governors Island) facing the lower Manhattan.

Hello Statue of Liberty!


Statue of Liberty in its full Majesty!!! What a beautiful monument! I was very happy and proud to have the chance of standing in front of it and taking pics...


That's me. Such a funny hairstyle at that time.


Here you can see on your left Jersey city standing next to the majestic Manhattan skyline. You can see Ellis Island, the small land at the feet of New Jersey highrises, and on the very right Brooklyn Bridge and barely seen next to it Manhattan Bridge.


I spent few hours here. Took hundreds of pics, had a snack, walked around, enjoyed the picturesque view towards Manhattan, New Jersey, Brooklyn and Staten Island. Time goes by very fast here, as it is crowded and the atmosphere is festive at all times. I have been here in different seasons: winter, summer, spring and now in late fall, end of October, but I remember that it was always full of tourists from any corner of the world and Americans as well.

Bye Bye Statue of Liberty!

I am wondering, when is the best time to take a pic of the monument. By sunrise or sunset , or day time is better to take a pics of it. The truth is, anytime of the day, anyday of the year!!!


On this pic you can see the Staten Island ferry and Verrazano Bridge on the background.
The ferry is free of charge, it runs every 30-45 min between Lower Manhattan and Staten Island borough. ( have pics of such a trip, so stay tuned, will upload them anytime soon).
Verrazano Bridge, with total lenght of more than 4 km., connects Brooklyn with Staten Island.


Max zoomed pic. View of Brooklyn with the tallest skyscraper there.
Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower was the tallest from 1929 till 2009. Now is a Luxury Condominium Apartment Building.


Manhattan in its beauty, power, majesty! My first set from USA was from the top of Empire State Building. You can check it here set # 1


Jersey city, the small neighbor of NYC. If it wasn't located in another state, would have become many years ago a borough of NYC.


Lower Manhattan, the Financial Center of USA. Interesting how CryptoWorld is changing all of that, just unbeliavable even to think of that a couple of years ago!


p.S: All pics were taken 7 years ago.

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