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Hi all Steemians, all my friends! I am glad to show you my pics from Times Square! 👋 👋 👋

Since my childhood I had a dream ( I guess most people have the same one ), one day to have the chance to visit Times Square. As you know that if a person sets goals, and is persistent, so the definiteness of purpose leads to success. Someone might call it the Law of Universe, Law of Attraction, Master Key to Riches etc., but to be honest it looks like in most cases it works. You might know that I spent 5 years of my life in this amazing city, so I have collected thousands of pics, and I am glad to be able to share some of them with YOU! Hope you will like my pics, it is a great inspiration to get some feedback, comments, and keep in mind, that any type of comments is welcome!!! 😊


Times Square

Some first hand info:

Times Square aka as "The Crossroads of the World" or "The Center of the Universe" is located in the very heart of Manhattan, between West 42nd and West 47th Streets and the junction of 7th Avenue and Broadway.
Long time back it was called Longacre Square, but in 1904 the highly respected US daily newspaper The New York Times moved its headquarter to the square, that subsequently was renamed to Times Square.

My advice is:

It is highly recommendable to approach Times Square from South, that means just take a walk along 7-th Avenue or Broadway. The main reason is the One Times Building with the New Year Eve ball drop that stays in the popular culture as the hallmark of the Square.
So if go from South to North you will be slowly approaching it as you are facing it at the same time.

First time, when I came to Times Square I did exactly the opposite...I came from North direction to the South, namely from Columbus Circle to Times Square. Undoubtedly I was left with unforgettable impressions, but for sure had I known it before, wouldn't have done it that way.

Getting closer to the "Crossroads of the World". Just one block off the intersection of Broadway with 7-th Avenue.


For sure it is the busiest place not just in NYC, but in the whole USA. Whenever person comes to Times Square starts realizing that the saying "The City That Never Sleeps" is absolutely correct. The other four busy areas in NYC I would say are Lower Manhattan with the Financial District, Union Square, Columbus Circle and Park Avenue around Grand Central.


Madame Tussauds Museum opened in 2000.


Keep in mind that now big parts of the streets are converted into pedestrian friendly areas. Times Square underwent a big transformation few years ago and by 2014-2015 big sections here become pedestrian.


This is the biggest concentration of digital screens & Billboards, I have anywhere seen at that time ( Hong Kong is a match. Dare to say is even more flashy, lively and vibrant ). Have not been to Mainland China, Korea, Japan, so can't compare with these countries, but know that they might be the champions in that nowadays.


Most Broadway theaters, cinemas are located in the area nearby, some of them are located right on the Square on the ground floors of the Office Buildings and Hotel Buildings.


What I like in NYC is the huge number of street musicians, showmen and actors interacting with the people right on the streets, on the subway platforms, or even in the subway cars.


That's me!
I remember the first time at a dusk I walked out of the Skyscrapers jungle onto Time Square. I had the feeling it is not the real world, it might be the Matrix...
Later on I got used to it, so there were days when I was just on a daily basis passing by, but my admiration never ceased to exist.

I could post here pics of some more popular billboards, but decided to stop on this one. It shows a girl waving at the people, who walk down on the streets, and you can see your reflection on the screen in a live format.



Believe it or not the street vendors are here 24/7!!!

Times Square and the yellow cabs, the symbol of NYC.


My last shot of the majestic, vibrant, diverse, futuristic, the best of the best, TIMES SQUARE!!!


p.S: All pics were taken 7 years ago.

😊😊😊Thanks for stopping by, stay positive and have a great day!!!😊😊😊

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Inspirational Blog And Also You Are Very Good Photographer Appreciated 👍👏


Woow thanks @orakzai! 👋 👋 👋


Your Welcome 🙋


NYC is a beautiful place and your pictures are fascinating,you've done a good job 🍻🍻🍻


Wooow, I am very happy to read such a comment.Thank you!

me2017 @me2017August 2018

Fantastic really beautiful new york city time square i love it. You are very lucky to have the chance to visit new york personally very beautiful photos. ;)


Thanks buddy for the comment and resteem!

me2017 @me2017August 2018

You are welcome.


Here you are again bringing us some good pictures ain't you? Thanks a lot my friend, those are really good ones! See u soon.


Yeap, I am now in full swing with my hobby. Soo many stacks of pics I have collected.


Ничего себе! Очень здорово!
Никак не ожидал, что Тайм Сквер живёт в режиме 24/7.
Представляю, как это впечатляет в живую 1 :)


Я люблю high tech, чел.прогресс.Было только две места в мире где я это почувствовал, а я много уже успел по путешествовать.Это Нью Йорк+ ХонгКонг!


Спасибо, возьму их на заметку :)


Я люблю high tech, чел.прогресс.Было только две места в мире где я это почувствовал, а я много уже успел по путешествовать.Это Нью Йорк+ ХонгКонг!


I personally like the tall buildings and how busy the area actually feels. It is really a nice place to visit base on all what you said.


I wish you to have the chance to visit it, the feeling is different than the one you get from the pics.


Times Square is amazing. NYC is amazing.
Thanks for share your travel with us!


Thank you very much @maryresp


That's crazy! Real rock' n'roll !!! :) I like it


24/7 rock n'roll, some times mixed up with rap/ r&b or even baccata and merenge


Interesting and funny pictures, my friend. I recommend you work in the presentation of your text (justify, columns and separators) for easier reading... Greetings!


Thanks for your comment @tupamalo, will keep.in mind your advice, you are giving it to me second time over the last few days :)


Started to read your post but after a minute I was just looking at the photos. Really good because you give us the feeling of being there.
Is this your favorit big city? I loved Paris most. And Dallas was awesome!
I am now a new follower of you.
@svensson kryptopia


Hi @minimining, I have visited few times Paris, Dallas never. I just like new futuristic cities, thats why NYC is on my top.